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What is the Music Workshop?


For fun and serious learning the Music Workshop is the place to be! The Music Workshop offers quality music instruction for guitar, bass, piano, organ, synthesizer, and vocals. Also, it is a studio for "complete recording projects" for singers, songwriters, and musicians.

The Music Workshop offers many specialized and versatile programs for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. With over twenty-five years of professional teaching experience "The Music Workshop" offers patient, affordable, and quality musical instruction in all popular styles of music.


The Music Workshop also teaches a blend of traditional and creative skills such as:

~ Reading (Polyphonic & Harmonic Forms)

~ Proper Technique, Form, and Improvisation (Soloing & Creative Melody Styles) 

~ Computer Sequencing & using "Midi" Synthesizers

~ Learning To Play And Sing With Other Instruments.

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