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Sorry, No Java™

How to play ...
Strum the strings of the guitar with the mouse
The guitar starts by playing a G Major Chord.
You can play other chords by clicking the chord buttons (C, D, E ...) You can also "finger" notes and chords by clicking on the frets

Use the Keyboard ...
Use the Function Keys (F1 to F8) to change chords.
Press 1, 2, or 3 to select Major, minor, 7th.

Change Picks ...
Press the "Home" key to pick strings with the mouse button down

Load Files ...
Click "Load All Notes" to load all remaining sound files (240K)

Please Note: Your browser must be Java™ enabled

How it was done ...
Ted's Guitar is a Java Applet designed with Visual J++, and the Java API 1.0.2. The guitar notes were played on a MIDI keyboard and recorded as 30 separate sound files, sampled at 8K. The scanned guitar images were resized to fit on a 640 by 480 screen, using Micrografx Picture Publisher.

Ted's Guitar was created by Greg DurniakCopyright ©1998.