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Basic Level for Guitar Course

Level #1

Development of first and second string note reading.

Chord development.

Open position chord exercise #1 and #2.

Technique development-finger exercise (ascending and descending).

Fretboard Theory( chromatic scale) 12 note patterns.

Level #2

Development of third and fourth string note reading.

Chord accompaniment, playing starts.

Bar-Chord development starts (Bar chord exercise 1, 1a, 2, 2a)

Fretboard-Individual note memorizing

Open chord development ( new chords and changes) Chord exercise three and four.

Level #3

Development of fifth and sixth string note reading.

"Movable-position" chord accompaniment playing is developed

Bar chord development continues (Bar chord exercise 3 and 3a)

Fretboard note-memorizing continues ( final stages).

Open-chord development continues ( new chords and changes) chord exercise five.

Advanced strumming rhythm is incorporated in accompaniment.

Intermediate Level

Level #4

Start of "Popular Songbook"-(Pop, Rock, Jazz, Ballads etc..)

Development of Melodic Position Playing.

Full, chord-position accompaniment playing is explored.

Pop & Rock music is explored using tapes and chart form.

Level #5

Songbook continuation: new types of chords are introduced & incorporated.

(Major 7ths, 9ths, Aug. 6ths) Start of Jazz.

Theory :

      1. Major Scales are taught - (sharp keys)

      2. Major and minor chords are analyzed and learned (sharp keys)

Blues progressions start (primary chords in "all" keys)

Level #6

Songbook continuation:

      A: more complex melodies.

      B: New chords introduced (13ths, 9th+5, 11ths, m9ths, Aug.)

Theory: Scales and Chords new learned in flat keys.

Blues progressions evolve incorporating new 7th forms separately and then together in different combinations.

Level #7

Song book continuation: more diverse song styles with complex arrangements are explored, expanding the students harmonic and rhythmic capabilities.

New chords now incorporated in songs: (Dim. 7th#9, 7th 9, 7th 9+5).

(7th and m7th) chords are now analyzed.

Blues progressions evolve with new elements (9ths)

"Minor" blues progressions are now explored.

Advanced level

Level #8

New "Professional" Songbook is now used for learning songs used by professional musicland.

"Pure", "Harmonic" , "Melodic" minor scales are now learned and developed.

(6th, 9th, Dim.) chords are now analyzed.

"Blues" progressions evolve using (13th, Aug.) chords.

"Minor Blues evolve using m9th chords. Transposing is explained.

Level #9

Songbook continuation.

      A. Phrasing techniques are now added to "melodic" playing, adding more dimension to it.

      B. "Improvisation" starts.

      C. Chord- melody playing is started.

Blues progressions are now altered with modified changes and turn arounds.

Level #10

Songbook continuation.

      A. Students begin arranging songs themselves by modifying the original arrangements.

      B. Students continue to develop improvisation and start contributing solos in songs. Students begin arranging their own chord-melodies. "Transposing" by sight is developed with songs.

Note: Each level approximates new material introduced while other material from past level still continues.